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As the school curriculum become more focused on standardized testing, basic skills such as: reading, spelling and cursive writing are disappearing. How can students pass these exams if they can’t read, spell or write?

Within the last decade reading, spelling and handwriting skills has declined drastically because of technological advances. Technology now does the reading, spelling and writing for you with a click, swipe or speech/voice activated application.

Here at Literacy Champ, we believe that basic literacy skills of the past are still very important and provides a strong foundation to the road of long-term success. It is our intent to provide extra support in the subjects of Reading, Spelling and Cursive Writing.

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Literacy Champ is a one-on-one tutoring service focused on Literacy skills. We are located in Plainfield, NJ and the areas we service are: Plainfield, North Plainfield, Fanwood, and Scotch Plains. Our mission is to help students in grades 3-12 learn, improve, enhance and strengthen their: reading, spelling, and cursive writing skills. We are not a place to get answers or to complete homework assignments and research papers.  Our services are $30/hour, the first session is always 1/2 off. Tutoring will take place at: The Plainfield Library or The Scotch Plains Library.

For more information on our tutoring services, feel free to:

Call/Text: Ms. Bush 973-704-0465

Email: literacychamp@outlook.com

Leave a message via our contact page



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What grades and subjects do you tutor? We tutor students in grades 3-12, in the subjects of Cursive Writing, Reading and Spelling.

How much are the tutoring sessions? The sessions are $30/hour. The first session is 1/2 off ($15). Special payment plans can be arranged, please contact me for more information.

Do you do group tutoring? We focus on one-on-one instruction, so the student can get the individualized attention they need; plus students focus more on the assignment when they are not distracted by other students or siblings. However, with the cursive writing course, groups up to 5 students are allowed at your request. Please contact me for more information.

Do you help with homework? No, we do not help in homework. If your child has spelling/vocabulary homework or cursive writing homework they can bring it in and it will be implemented into the lesson. However, we do not engage in homework help. Reason being, our tutoring service is more concerned about helping your child improve their literacy skills for long-term success. Homework is often due the next day, doing homework with your child isn’t helping them learn the concepts of the subject they are struggling in. We are not a quick fix service or a place to get answers.

Will you give my child homework assignments? I am aware that students have other obligations, therefore I will not assign homework. If I feel the student needs the extra practice, I will give them take home assignments for them to work on, especially if they only come to me once or twice a week.

How many days a week should my child go to tutoring? It is best if your child is tutored 5 days a week, but that is not always possible. The average tutoring sessions per student is 2 days a week, for 1 hour. High school students need at least 3 days a week for 1 hour.

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